Palace Harrakh

Palace Harrakh

Palace Harrakh (Palais Harrach)

In 1435 lord Jorg Pukhgaym has bought three houses on Freyung Square and has reconstructed in a uniform complex. In 1626 the building was redeemed from it by the baron it come from Bohemia (become the count then), Charles von Harrakh. In 1683 the manor has burnt down. Since 1689 count Ferdinand Bonaventura Harrakh of I became the owner of a palace. For it the palace was reconstructed in baroque spirit by Italian architect Domenico Martinelli. Painter Antonio Beduzzi and the master of a decorative stucco moulding Johannes Piatsoll were engaged in registration of interiors. In 1701 Johann Hildebrandt participated in reconstruction.

Palace Harrakh

Palace courtyard

In 1944 the part of a palace has been destroyed by bombing, reconstruction again was required. Till 1980 of Palais Harrach there was a property Harrakhov, after it has got municipality. At first the building belonged to the housing GESIBA priyatelstvo. In 1994-2003 in a palace the Art and historical museum was located. Harrakh (Palais Harrach) is considered a palace a prototype of the Vienna highest baroque. Frescos of work of Beduzzi, a marble altar of a chapel of work of Lorenso Mattiyelli, a bright front staircase are registered on the main ornaments of a complex. Since 1990 Harrakh belongs to the ORAG company. The building restored by architect Manfred Veydorn, is leased.

Palace Harrakh

Entrance in a palace Harrakhf

Palace Harrakh (Palais Harrach)

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