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Playing cards of the Shopping

Playing cards from Vienna When there is a speech about the playing cards which have been let out at Piatnik factory, it is necessary to direct attention to their back. Here it is possible to meet landscapes of Vienna and empress Sisi, a hare of work of AlbrechtRead More

Burgteatr in Vienna

Burgteatr (Burgtheater) Burgteatr (Burgtheater) - court theatre in the Vienna Hofburge, has been founded by the decree of empress Maria Tereziya in 1741. It was one of more popular theatres of the germanoyazychny world within XVIII and XIX centuries. PremieresRead More


Interesting shopping in Vienna The anticipation of travel is with anything incomparable feeling. And if you love shopping during travel, well passion of search of prestigious brands and high-quality things in an unfamiliar place is familiar to you. SmallRead More

Vienna wood rest

Vienna wood (Wienerwald) Vienna by right is considered the most charming, smart and stately city of Europe. The Austrian capital is a well of construction and natural sights. One them is the well-known Vienna wood (Wienerwald). The wood clasps theRead More


Shyonbrunns palace (Schlo? Schonbrunn), Hugo Miguel Carrico photo Shyonbrunn (Schlo? Schonbrunn) is in a distance from the centre of Vienna. This big baroque palace - one of the best locks of the Gabsbursky dynasty. It is surrounded with traditional park withRead More