Loken Residence

Location: Duluth. Minnesota, United States Year of construction: 1996 Architect: David Salmela Associates: Rod & Sons Carpentry Photography: Peter Kerze

This project is the result of improvements and extensions to a house that already stood on this mountain site and was originally used as a small family summer home. The Loken Residence stands just a few yards from Big Sucker – a stony river with lots of waterfalls that flows through the site – and about a mile from Lake Superior in Minnesota. The topographical conditions of the site, some 330 ft (100 m) above the lake, give it a stunning panoramic view of the lake and surrounding area.

The original building, which dates from 1910, had undergone a number of poorly-planned changes, remodeling work, and extensions...

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Wilson Residence

Location: Vermilion Lake, United States Year of construction: 1998 Architect: David Salmela

The objective behind this project was to design a house suited not only to the location, the region, and the client’s needs, but that would also have a contemporary look.

The Wilson Residence is located on a rocky point on the shores ofVermilion Lake and has stunning views of the lake and surrounding countryside. For the family who live here the geographical nature of the site and its situation evoke the landscape of Sweden. It was built as a country retreat by the present owner’s grandfather, who emigrated from Sweden in the early 20th century. As a child, the present owner spent his summers at the old house, where he developed a passion for boat-building...

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Sutterliity House

Location: Egg, Vorarlberg, Austria Year of construction: 2000 Architects: Dietrich & Untertrifa/ler Arcbitekten Photography: Ignacio Martinez

In a small clearing in the mountains of Vorarlberg, Austria, this light, airy single-family home graces the landscape. The land slopes to the southeast, forming a vast meadow with no tall plant life in the vicinity. These two characteristics blessed the site with a sweeping view of the nearby valleys and guided the design of the structure. The house bears a close resemblance to traditional homes of the region but uses a contemporary language that makes the most of the climactic and geographic conditions.

The building consists of a rectangular unit with three stories and a gabled roof...

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Barry’s Bay House

Location: Ontario, Canada Year of construction: 1994 Architects: Hariri & Hariri Associates: Paul Baird, Grandon Yearick, Brigid Hogan, Aaron McDonald Photography: John M. Hall

This weekend holiday home offers a wide formal repertoire using different applications of a single material: wood. This richness, reflected both externally and in the interior space, derives from a minute observation of the intrinsic nature of the landscape. The two New York- based architects from Iran who designed it adopted an approach committed to abstracting these features and applying them to the building as an entity as well as to the most subtle of details. The location is a rural plot in Ontario, Canada, sloping gently down to the peaceful waters of Lake Kamaniskeg...

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Furniture House

Location: Yamanaka, Japan Year of construction: 1998 Architect: Shigeru Ban Photography: Hiroyuki Hirai

The minimalist approach of this project was a way of ensuring the minimum possible disturbance to the natural environment while establishing the most appropriate language for dialogue with the landscape. The 1,180 sq ft (I 10 m2) house stands in the Yamanaka mountains in Japan. An independent, autonomous structure, it contrasts with the rich vegetation of its surroundings. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban wanted the house to be an expression of extreme Oriental simplicity and developed the structure from the divisions and storage area of the project.

The construction system of Furniture House uses prefabricated units that are the height of the building and work both structurally and as ele...

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