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Palace Schwarzenberg in Vienna

Vienna palace of princes Shvartsenbergov (Palais Schwarzenberg), Wolfsraum photo The Vienna palace of princes Shvartsenbergov (Palais Schwarzenberg) located in the 3rd area, nearby to a known Belvedere, is considered a sample of the Austrian baroque. A littleRead More

The Down Kinsky palace on Frayung Square

The Down Kinsky palace (Palais Daun-Kinsky) on Frayung Square Palace history The Vienna Down Kinsky palace is an outstanding example of the highest baroque. A building on Frayung Square built by request of the field marshal Virikh Philippe Lourents, the columnRead More

Palace Harrakh

Palace Harrakh (Palais Harrach) In 1435 lord Jorg Pukhgaym has bought three houses on Freyung Square and has reconstructed in a uniform complex. In 1626 the building was redeemed from it by the baron it come from Bohemia (become the count then), Charles von HarrakhRead More

City palace Likhtenshteynov in Vienna

City palace Likhtenshteynov on Bankgasse (Stadtpalais Liechtenstein) History of construction of a palace Liechtenstein The city palace Likhtenshteynov on Bankgasse (Stadtpalais Liechtenstein), constructed in 1705, was the significant building firstRead More

Trautsons palace in Vienna

Trautsons (Palais Trautson) palace Trautsons (Palais Trautson) palace is considered an outstanding and perfect prototype of the Vienna baroque. In 1712 count Johann Leopold background Trautson has built a palace on Lastenstra? e according to Johann Fischer ErlakhRead More