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Nomad architectures

Each ‘misprision’ of Stonehenge mentioned above, is a way of understanding the stones, which remain the same object throughout. In each understand­ing they are refracted through a different set of cultural knowledge and memories, so that each produces a different experience of Stonehenge. Geoffrey of Monmouth had a different experience of Stonehenge from Inigo Jones, […]

Memories of the French Revolution in the Place de la Concorde

The parade had a short life, but nonetheless (according to polls carried out later that year) it was the most memorable event of the bicentennial. It was also shocking to many. The national anthem was sung by Jessye Norman, a black American-born opera singer. That night, France was no longer repre­sented by the traditional blonde […]

From prison to luxury hotel: the story of an ironic conversion

Istanbul began to emerge from Ankara’s shadow as the country’s prime city in the 1950s. The urban development that accommodated the city’s phenom­enal industrial and financial expansion took place mostly outside the historic peninsula, which was densely packed with old neighbourhoods and landmarks. Meanwhile, even though it was home to Turkey’s most prominent cultural heritage […]