Category: Architecture as Experience Radical change in spatial practice

Places and memory Multiple readings of a plaza in Paris during the commemoration of the French Revolution

Sarah Bonnemaison We live in a society where life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Guy Debord1 An appreciation of the transience of things, and the concern to redeem them for eternity, is one of the strongest impulses in allegory. Walter Benjamin2 Spectacle As we see in these two quotations from Guy Debord […]

If walls could talkю Exploring the dimensions of heterotopia at the Four Seasons Istanbul Hotel

Zeynep Kezer Introduction The Four Seasons Istanbul Hotel was inaugurated with a series of high-profile invitation-only receptions spread over the course of three nights in early October 1996.1 The opening events created quite a splash, receiving extensive coverage in the Turkish media. Four Seasons Regent Hotels and Resorts and its local partner Sultanahmet Turizm AS […]

Look before you buy

The ‘after’ narrative of New London Bridge centres around Robert McCulloch an American chainsaw magnate and entrepreneur who paid $2,460,000 for the nineteenth-century structure which he planned to move and reconstruct 12.3 G. Yates (attributed), ‘The Building of London Bridge’, watercolour, undated in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The bridge had originally cost around £500,000 to […]