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Gavelks cafe in Vienna

Gavelka cafe (Cafe Hawelka) The known cafe Gavelka (Cafe Hawelka) on Doroteergasse in a quarter of antique shops can be called fairly the last artistic coffee house. The cafe has been opened in 1939 by wives Leopold and Josephine Gavelka. In the middleRead More

Ice-cream bar of Vienna

Ice-cream bar of Vienna In Vienna are a good judge of sweets and can do ice-cream. The most part Vienna the ice-cream bar open in the spring. I purposely found the best institution and have allocated to myself two cafes. On my look, they idiyentichno are quiteRead More

Some rules of the Vienna coffee house

In the Vienna cafes Vienna is considered one of the coffee capitals. Each her inhabitant has the favourite cafe, and at its choice as on a horoscope, it is possible to find out almost all about the person. And not to get to an unpleasant situation, some easyRead More

Excursion trip on the Vienna cafes

Sacher cafe Conducting tours across Vienna, guides will not fail to recommend to visit to the tourist in the most recognizable Vienna cafes. To orient in the offered options, I will depict in article certain of these delightful institutions. Better known in theRead More

Austrian drinkable culture

Austrian drinkable culture The Austrian drinkable culture is at high level. In city park Prater arrange a holiday devoted to young wine (Sturm). The provided range of wine can be met and on the counters standing in the various endsRead More