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The Austrian brands of a world scale

Stockings and Wolford linen Austria is such European government which is successful, if not in everything, actually in very many. Without considering mountains, meadows, lakes, coffee, batches, music and museums are in this country and the brands known for theRead More

What to bring from Vienna as a gift

Busts of recognizable people of Austria If you have gathered to a far trip, the it is more out of a limit, it is completely clear to bring desire and, and for own relatives something for memory – either useful, or tasty. Lets make out some options of that itRead More

What to bring from Vienna as a souvenir?

Souvenirs from Vienna To visit the capital of Austria and not to bring souvenirs to relatives, and any pleasant bagatelle to itself which in a consequence will remember about all beauty of a trip, is, naturally, an inexcusable mistake. The it is more that in ViennaRead More

Goysera, made manually

Well-known goyser (goiserer) 140 years ago in Alpine Bud Goysern (Bad Goisern) these mountain boots which have glorified a name of the small town for the whole world have been thought up. Being for those times technical perfection of shoe business, theyRead More

Palmers linen what to bring from Vienna

Palmers linen Palmers is a largest Austrian textile concern and leading brand of linen. Under this imenovaniye the most various models of mans, ladies and childrens linen, a pyjamas and chulochny products, accessories to bathing are carried out. DevelopmentRead More