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The Vienna ticket (Vienna Card)

If you have arrived to Vienna all on a quantity of days and wish to find out and прочуять this city completely, almost with everything in it you will be helped so called by The Vienna ticket» or as it still call, «The Vienna card» (Vienna Card). What afterRead More

The scheme of city transport of Vienna

By all means download for itself the scheme of city transport of Vienna and unpack it: To download the scheme You can make a route with changes, having specified a starting point and missions on the website: As you can have a look theRead More

Travel from Vienna to Budapest

Blue Danube in Budapest (Robin & Simona Benea Photo) Possibility it is simple to go on rest to any of the European Union states long since already have estimated not only only inhabitants of Europe and happy owners of passports with Schengen visas. ОбмыслитьRead More

How to reach to …

Very quite often you have a question how to reach to own hotel. Lets understand in common as to make a route. Lets take for an example Mercure Hotel Josefshof Vienna hotel. The most important to know адресок hotel. If you on understand адресок, simplyRead More

From Moscow to Vienna by train

From Moscow to Vienna by train If you plan a trip to Vienna, but do not like to fly by the plane – sail away by train! Travel will be not so long, and the main thing – quite comfortable. Naturally, time in an avia way - and жд cannot even be associated passengersRead More