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Fifteen apartments varying in typology were realized on four stories. The basement accommodates 23 parking spaces, which are accessible via a carlift. All ground floor apartments have a patio towards the courtyard The units on the upper stones are equipped with generous balconies on the courtyard side and additional living space facing Bogenallee the so-called […]


One ot the existing buildings in Hamburg’s warehouse city’ forms a city loggia between the facade and longitudinal construction. This city loggia is used in the form of a piazza due to the free space gained there. A one-storey, generously glazed 192 seat lecture room was added to the existing building, with a portable stage […]


The living and business area was realized in three stages. The low glass building contains offices, and the long four-storey building in the yard is subdivided m three sections. Dominating materials are glass, aluminum, natural stone, scarf wood and synthetic resin plates They determine the appearance of the ensemble and give the visitor a picture […]