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Doroteergasse Street

Doroteergasse Street (Dorotheergasse) If you ask a wreath how to pass on Doroteergasse Street (Dorotheergasse), you hardly усвоют where it is actually necessary for you. Inhabitants of Vienna say this title as Dorotegase (an accent on the second syllableRead More

Excursion trip on the medieval Old small town

Medieval city Starenky The medieval city Starenky or it still call the Internal city (Innere Stadt) - this foot route passes at 3-4 oclock through an old, medieval part of the internal small town where Babenbergami has been based the 1st ducal residenceRead More

Excursion trip across imperial Vienna

Imperial Vienna The pleasant walk, which route lies partly through foot zones, partly through parks and squares of the internal small town, Gabsburgov will tell about more than 600-year board of a dynasty. Duration: from 2 to 3 hours. From the Graben Read More

Herrengasse Street

Herrengasse Street (Herrengasse) Herrengasse Street (Herrengasse) is in the Internal small town of Vienna. The title is translated literally as «the lane of the nobility». And though in old Vienna actually there are no streets as such (one lanes), it is difficultRead More

Long walk on Shyonbrunns park

Shyonbrunns (Schlosspark Schonbrunn) palace park This walk will take from you the whole day. Therefore postpone all the affairs and it is weakened walk. In the world a little such faultless palace parks as Shenbrunn (Schlosspark Schonbrunn). When we have comeRead More