The Austrian brands of a world scale

The Austrian brands of a world scale

Stockings and Wolford linen

Austria is such European government which is successful, if not in everything, actually in very many. Without considering mountains, meadows, lakes, coffee, batches, music and museums are in this country and the brands known for the whole world.

Here already in an extent of sixty years the Austrian brand which carry to a premium – to a class, «Wolford» dresses in underwear and stockings, both own fellow citizens, and the abroad. It has not only only a huge number of invariable clients and many admirers, and its title already long since associate with high quality quality. In the beginning the company made underwear and the chulochny products which many types of the first has offered in the market. In the middle of innovations were: tights resistant to inhalings, the stockings having an elastic elastic band, baud without seams along the edges.

The company co-operated with designers of world level, such as: Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld. Worked and with Kenzo and Armani. At present under the Wolford brand it is possible to acquire not only only nightclothes and stockings and many other elements from ladies’ clothes. The company has affiliated consulates in other countries, and delivers the production more than in fifty countries.

The Austrian brands of a world scale

Linen "Рalmers"

«Palmers» – one more popular Austrian company in the world, representing underwear. Under this brand it is possible to get both female, and man’s underwear. Not including it the company lets out bathing suits, dressing gowns, adhering in each type of made production of the 3rd directions that allows clients to find always something special, but the. Young, cheeful, sexy style, style a la France – sensual pictures in a compartment with a tender material and fascinating details and perfect glamour and together with that a seductive image in the Italian style – here three whales of this brand.

The Austrian brands of a world scale

Swarovski shop in Vienna

For certain, in the modern world there is no that lady who does not know about Swarovski’s (Swarovski) crystals. The brand has received a name from own founder – Daniyelya Swarovski, he not only has only invented for those times the unique ogranochny unit and has based the company on manufacturing and a facet of crystals. At present the museum which on popularity at tourists takes the 2nd place acts on the district of the first plant.

The Austrian brands of a world scale

Porcelain service of handwork of the Augarten Porzellan brand

In the Austrian society of coffee and tea drink in porcelain cups of the Augarten Porzellan brand

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