The market of Nashmarkt in Vienna

The market of Nashmarkt in Vienna

Grocery market of Nashmarkt

Нашмаркт (Naschmarkt) – the greatest, open market of Vienna located on a site between an exit from the underground Kettenbryukengasse and Karlsplats. There is it since the XVIII century. Under the market flows, concluded in a pipe, the small river Vienna. From here and names of streets, boundaries with which it costs: Rechte Wienzeile and Linke Wienzeile. Parallel to the river passes the underground of a strip of U4. Experts call Nashmarkt «a city stomach». On one of versions the title of "Naschmarkt" is translated as «The market of delicacies».

The most recognizable market of the Austrian capital totals restaurants and than trading places is higher 120. This favourite place of meetings of youth and pensioners. From rising to a decline the ill-matched public buys here vegetables and fruit, various delicacies from all over the world. In pavilions prestigious
Restaurants and cafe(with a free web) open. And Saturday Flyumarkt became already cult.

The grocery market Nashmarkta and as pavilions with clothes, certain cafes work once a day. Here it is possible to get all necessary for kitchen: fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, cheese, east spices and bread, even such delicacies, as oysters, land, Persian caviar.

The market of Nashmarkt in Vienna

Street cafes in the market

It is pleasant in the summer, sitting at a little table of street cafe, to take pleasure in tasty food and drinks, to observe brisk trade. Specialisation of restaurants is diverse: from Vienna to Italian, from Indian to the Vietnamese. This place for gourmets and is simple to eat fans. Naschmarkt brightly reflects a multikulturnost of Vienna.

Usually on Saturdays in the market of Nashmarkt revival because of a weekly flea market reigns. Behind an exit from the underground (Kettenbruckengasse station) is a parking which adjoins Naschmarkt. Specifically here on Saturdays passes the well-known Flohmarkt – a flea market. Everything that the soul longs, it is possible to get here, whether it be a true work of art, a subject of use or a bestalantny fake. In the middle of sellers there are Russian, Austrians, Asians. But even if you planned to take nothing, it is necessary to go there all the same simply to take a look at contrast market weight. The bargaining is welcomed!

The market of Nashmarkt in Vienna

In a flea market

Нашмаркт (Naschmarkt)
1060 Wien, Osterreich

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