What to bring from Vienna as a gift

What to bring from Vienna as a gift

Busts of recognizable people of Austria

If you have gathered to a far trip, the it is more out of a limit, it is completely clear to bring desire and, and for own relatives something for memory – either useful, or tasty. Let’s make out some options of that it is possible to bring from Vienna.

In gift shops it is possible to get known Peter Mattskhold’s pipes, the pipe master from Austria which are known in the world.
Souvenirs with the image of empress Elizabeth are registered on the purely Vienna. For Vienna this, some kind of, the cult and such souvenirs are on sale practically on any corner. On plates of all sizes, on prints it is possible to meet portraits of princess Cissy, her busts stand practically everywhere. For the fan of such souvenirs Vienna is Klondike!

The next usual souvenir for Vienna – a figurine of a snow-white stallion of breed a lipizzaner – a sign of Vienna. Too is on sale practically everywhere.

Apricot Marillen Schnaps moonshine (schnapps) do in the city of Vakhau невдали from Vienna. To get it it is possible in any hypermarket or wine shop. Vobshchem, this drink on the fan and as a souvenir will suit not to everyone.

What to bring from Vienna as a gift

Candies "Mozart Kugel"

The next sign of Vienna and all Austria – chocolates "Mozart Kugel" («Mozart Kuegel») with marzipan. Sell them in hypermarkets and a network of dessert shops "United colours of shocolade". The box of these candies costs from 4th to 10 euros. Vobshchem, certain consider them very expensive.

«Eiswein» ("Eysveyn") is a usual snow-white sweet Austrian wine, «Ice wine». Do it of the grapes which have been cut off in a frost at temperature of-7 degrees. To get it it is possible in any wine shop and in hypermarkets. It is not excluded that you can get the same wine in Hungary, thus cheaper.

Made of petals of flowers the candied pralines can be got or directly at factory, to Shmaltskhofgasse St. address, or in shop and Demmel cafe on Kolmarkt. This brand has a direct bearing on princess Elizabeth: it was its most favourite delicacy.

What to bring from Vienna as a gift

Wafers "Manner"

Eminent Vienna wafers "Manner" with chocolate, limonovy and nut interiors on which pink wrapper – a silhouette of a cathedral of Sacred Stephane, are known since 1898. These wafers differ being remembered, saturated taste. Most ideal to take the packing soldered in cellophane from the 3rd types of wafers. The firm little shop under the title "Manner" is placed directly with the bottom of a cathedral of Sacred Stephane (Street Stephansplatz 7). In it sell besides different souvenirs – caps and T-shirts, satchels and the bags executed in the same flowers, as wafers of "Manner". Neotklonimym is a pink background and a picture of a cathedral of Sacred Stephane in a corner.

Mozart liqueur is the unique liqueur in the world from chocolate. It let out a quantity of types: «Mozart Original Chocolate» – shololad-cream, or liqueur from milk chocolate, «Mozart Black Chocolate» is made of dark chocolate, and «Mozart White Chocolate» – from snow-white. By tradition this liqueur is poured in round small bottles which are on sale in hypermarkets and wine shops. Perhaps, chocolate cream – the most tasty: dense and owning tender taste, it is similar to candies from chocolate with the alcoholized berries. He can be drunk in pure form, and it is possible to add in coffee or in ice-cream. That liqueur and at us is on sale, but it will manage three times more expensive. Well and a copy, most likely, it will appear.

What to bring from Vienna as a gift

Cake "Zakher", Pawel-Malinowski photo

The cake "Zakher" («Original Sacher Torte») is a real card of Vienna. Sell it in the Sacher cafe located in Hotel Sacher hotel. A sign of this cake – the round chocolate stamp. If the press triangular, is a cake of the rival, the company Demel, vobshchy, on taste they are absolutely similar and simply excellent. The black cake is impregnated with rum, because of availability of alcohol it without any preservatives the long time remains to the freshest. It is possible to take safely in a way home – it will sustain moving. Having arrived, it is possible to put a cake in the refrigerator and to eat after defrosting – flavouring properties it will not lose. And the sizes of a cake – various, always it is possible to pick up forms both for cost, and on the size.

What to bring from Vienna as a gift

Milka chocolate

And as without Milk’s Austrian chocolate