Forget about pet boards!


Lot is said about risks of boarding house cats and dogs while their owners are not home and have no possibility to take care of them. Some pet owners are even afraid of using boarding service and at the same time leaving animal unattended – and, as a result, they are weirded to stay at home.  Still, pet boarding option is considered to be popular among people because of several reasons:

  • Pet boarding is cheaper than pet sitting. Usually kennels charge per day and it is really advantageous for dog owners because dogs need walks outside several times a day.
  • Your pet will be fed, exercised and bathed, however, you can forget about daily routine of your pet because kennels stick to their own schedules.
  • Animals are not alone and they are not so stressed.

However, the practice shows that this service has more kicks than halfpence. And some dangers of the pet boarding should definitely be taken into consideration:

  • There is always a possibility for your pet to catch a disease in kennels, for instance, intestinal parasites, coccidiosis, giardiasis, kennel cough or distemper.
  • The quality of service is usually lower than of pet sitters because pet doesn’t receive personal attention. It can be mended by extra payments however, it would turn out that use of pet sitters help is more profitable.

Fortunately, from now on there is no need to worry! You can avoid all dangers of pet boards and still your family pet will be happy and not alone. How is it possible?  Petcube is your cookie-cutter! Just two things – free mobile app for iOS and Android device and an interactive pet monitor called Petcube camera – and you can stay connected to your pet even when you are far away from home! It is not just a camera that enables you to take photos or record on a video what your pet is doing right now – you get much more! You can talk with your pet so he or she will feel your presence.  And your house animal will never ever feel bored as with Petcube you get a possibility to play with pet with help of laser. Moreover, with help of Petcube network you can share access to your video cam with your friends and family members. This gadget us absolutely safe for house animals as producers of Petcube take care of mental and physical health of pets.

Hardly surprising that Petcube is one of the most successful products for pets nowadays! It is a finding for caring owners that gives a possibility to stay in touch and hearten beloved pet. Do not miss your chance to get this gadget and stay close to your family pet!


Updated: 19th January 2015 — 12:09 pm