House on the Prairie

Location: United States Year of construction: 1995 Architects: Turner Brooks Photography: Uridine Prohl

This house in the country is on a magnificent prairie in Wisconsin. In order to enjoy the best views and solve the problems presented by the uneven plot, the house stands on a system of pillars that raise it up. The height of elevation is varied, and in this way, the building is leveled out without the need for any earth moving. At the highest point of the house, the views are enhanced by the construction of a veranda that resembles a periscope – a watchtower that characterizes the building and allows those staying there to enjoy the beautiful countryside.

This residence consists of three spaces, two of which are joined although clearly differentiated in terms of both form and finish. The house is built almost entirely of wood. The constructional details are real structural treasures. The points at which framework meets the facade, the combination of the two bodies making up the building and the doors and windows were the subject of careful consideration.

The entrance to the house is via a back road level with the site. On the other side of the plot, access to the extension on the more open and wooded side is gained via a staircase as a difference in level of approximately 5 ft (1.5 m) had to be compensated for. The lower level contains the communal areas: living room, dining room, and kitchen; while the upper area houses the bedrooms with their respective bathrooms.

The house interiors combine wood and plastered surfaces pair. ted white. The structure of the house is clearly evident and the beams and pillars of wood have been left exposed.

The house has two floors, but these have different levels, creating subtle effects. On the first floor, tor example, two steps separate the dining room from the living area. In addition, a section of wrought metal has been removed in order to create a double height, providing a feeling of spaciousness.

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