From Prague to Vienna and back

From Prague to Vienna and back

Many tourists quite often have a question. The Schengen visa grants the right to journey to the district of Austria? It, looking what. The introduction of the states in a zone of Schengen, many have regarded not quite right. Often accept any visa to the countries of the Schengen contract, as granting the right of moving and stay to districts though what countries of Schengen. But in reality, everything is not absolutely so. Let’s make out for an example the Czech Republic. If you have received the visa granting the right to stay on the district of the Czech Republic 90 days are higher, it is the state visa. The it is more, if the visa is issued for training or work on the district of the Czech Republic. Having received such visa in representation of the Czech Republic, you will not get to Austria. To wander across Vienna it will not turn out. Visas the voobshchy share on And, In, With, D.

Group A, the visa created for transit change, on the district of Austria. It is so called visa to the airport. The visa In, the transit visa, the granting right to cross the district though what countries of the Schengen contract, within less than 5 days. This visa to you will be enough, for this purpose, what, being on vacation in the Czech Republic, per day to go to have a look Vienna. Only familiarise, with arrival rules on the district of Austria. There are certain restrictions.

The visa With, will grant to you the right there are in a zone of Schengen less than 3 months. But for a trip to Austria, it will not suit you. It is better to have the combined visa of V+S.

The visa of D, the granting right of stay more than 90 days, voobshchy to Schengen has no business. It is the state visa, on the country district where you are going to stay long time.

Consult just in case in embassy or at round of the operator if you have decided to visit for day (another) the capital of Austria Vienna, or voobshchy wish to make round on the greatest number of the countries of the Schengen area.

To vacationers we will prompt even a route, cheaper, and successful for a trip from Prague.
The Student Agensy bus sails away from Prague at midnight. To 5 mornings you will be on Prater, actually in the centre of Vienna. Can walk across Vienna in the pleasure till the evening. And at 18.00 the bus of the same company sails away back to Prague. If you decide to visit Brno on the road, at 20.30 there is a bus. At 23.30 it will be on small town road service station. You can is weakened to have a bite in round-the-clock cafe, and will stop for the night, in the Grandee hotel. In total on one area near the station. To you where to go, it is not necessary. By the way, the trip will cost you from Prague to Vienna 12 euros. Back to Brno 8 euros. And on Prague late in the evening there is a train which to you will cost 12 euros. But even with arrival to Brno, expenses on transport all the same will be less than if you buy the ticket for a train from Prague to Vienna (there and back). Even more you save, if book tickets for the bus in 3 days. So that plan own rest and sail away to a way.