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Shtefansplats – Stephane Square

Shtefansplats (Stephansplatz), Alin Boboiciov photo On the Vienna Shtefansplats Square (Stephansplatz) all main tourist routes begin. Here always briskly: on the area surrounded with shops and cafe, time at an oclock passes a huge number of people; on East sideRead More

Jewish quarter of Vienna

Yudenplatts (Judenplatz), Carlton Browne photo Jews lived in Vienna since the XII century. Drevnaya Square on which then there was a synagogue, was the centre of life of a community. Yudenplatts (Judenplatz) she has received the title in 1437. In an extent ofRead More

Street of the Fine lamp

Shyonlaterngasse (Schonlaterngasse), Douglas Sprott photo Shyonlaterngasses (Schonlaterngasse) title – the lane of the Fine lamp – sounds romantically. The small medieval small street located nearby to Shtefansplats, consider as one of signs of old Vienna – itRead More

The Vienna honey institute – history, names, merits

Vienna honey institute (Medizinische Universitat Wien) The Vienna medical institute (Medizinische Universitat Wien, MUW) has been founded in 1365 by traditional institute of Vienna - Alma Mater Rudolfina. The new educational institution after creation became soonRead More

Hundertwassers house in Vienna

Hundertwassers (Hundertwasserhaus) house Designer Freidensreich Hundertwasser in 1986 has built by request of the city hall of the small town of Vienna the unusual house (Hundertwasser Haus), to a descent become to one of sights of the capital of Austria. HundertwasserRead More