Forget about pet boards!

Lot is said about risks of boarding house cats and dogs while their owners are not home and have no possibility to take care of them. Some pet owners are even afraid of using boarding service and at the same time leaving animal unattended – and, as a result, they are weirded to stay at home.  Still, pet boarding option is considered to be popular among people because of several reasons:

  • Pet boarding is cheaper than pet sitting. Usually kennels charge per day and it is really advantageous for dog owners because dogs need walks outside several times a day.
  • Your pet will be fed, exercised and bathed, however, you can forget about daily routine of your pet because kennels stick to their own schedules.
  • Animals are not alone and they are not so stressed.

However, the practice shows that t...

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The monolith form of the building is consciously oriented against the neighbouring constructions The choice of materials emphasized the importance of their raw implementation avoiding further treatment or refinement wherever possible


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A terraced building with office space {ground and 1st floor! and a maisonette (2nd and 3rd floor) in an urban context of narrow backyards. The materials used in the facade are limited to anodized bronze windows and sun protection, black photovoltaic panels and exposed concrete.

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At the heart of the complex is a ultramodern multiplex movie theater with 14 screens and 4.500 seats The commercial areas hove a free floor plan, which can accommodate any number of kiosks and restaurants, and are connected through a ground – and basementfloor shopping mall with the underground tram network

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The project consisted ol transforming an old shelter into a modern house. The remodeling of living and working zones in a WWII bunker certainly sets an impressive precedent

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