Category: Londos’s Contemporary Architecture


A fascinating, eleven-storey up-market housing development adjacent to the Foster studio: a scheme of 186 apartments in eleven stories that takes a simple multi-storey block and cleverly bends it around whilst dividing the internal accommodation into a front / back split, so that every apartment has a river-facing terrace. The adjacent social housing block (45 […]

Inner Ring. Baron’s Place

More ‘volumetrics’. The positive aspect of this apartmentblock concerns the service provided to London’s‘key workers’ who can’t afford London’s apartmentprices. However, one can’t but worry about varieties of‘experimentation’ on comparatively deprived sectors ofthe community. The scheme provides very small ‘flatlets’(36 sq. m. one bed, and two-person apartments of 54.sq.m.) made from units of 3.6m x […]

Friendship House

Described as, ‘A Modern self-catered accommodation providing 160 bedsitting rooms, with angular walls of dramatic zinc tiles and bright render enclosing a quiet courtyard with reflective pool. RIBA Award Winner 2005’ Friendship House is a clever and welcome exercise in fitting single-person rental accommodation into a difficult central site — bang up against the proverbial […]