Ringshtrasse (Ringstrasse)

With what Koltsevaya Street began

Vienna till 1857 was surrounded by a ring city wall. In the middle of the XIX century suburbs of the capital have been attached to the city district, and the wall began to disturb the message between the districts of Vienna. Under Franz Josef’s I decree of strengthening have been disassembled, the protective ditch is filled up.

On a place of the former fortifikatsionny constructions there was one of the finest boulevards of the world. The street built in the form of a horseshoe, have christened Ringshtrasse (Ringstrasse). Wreaths called it simply "ring" – Ring.

Construction of ensemble of Ringshtrasse proceeded more than half a century. The street in length of 6,5 km, has been constructed by width of 57 m. Opening of the new capital boulevard has taken place in the spring of 1865, but a structure повдоль the Ring appeared till the end of the XIX century, and the tower Ringturm has been constructed in the middle of the XX century and became the first Vienna skyscraper.

Historical structures повдоль streets Ringshtrasse

Opera theatre, t-mizo photo

One behind one there were повдоль streets stately palaces: Todesko, Efrussi, Epshtayn, Hansen and others. The major public and secular structures were erected on Ringshtrasse’s both parties. During various time the Vienna municipal opera, Burgteatr, institute, Parliament and the Town hall has been constructed; some important museum complexes; church Votifkirkh and educational centre Urania, Austrian savings bank and Exchange.

Structures built in historical style with lines of a gothic style, classicism and the Renaissance. Architects of various schools, various times have worked at Ringshtrasse’s construction complex. Teofil Hansen and Heinrich Ferstel, Gottfried Zemper, Charles von Hazenauyer and other architects did magic of ensemble of Ringshtrasse. Monumental houses and palaces alternated smart gardens, parks, in the areas. Institutions for rest of city dwellers revealed – 27 coffee houses worked at Ringshtrasse in days of her blossoming.

Ringshtrasse – day present Ringshtrasse

Excursion tram on the Ring in Vienna (Vienna Tram Ring)

Ringshtrasse’s present type practically has not exchanged since the beginning of the XX century. Movement down the street one-sided, but trams walk in both parties. Having used Excursion tram on the Ring (Vienna Tram Ring) it is possible to behold all main sights it.

The street became a zone of the recovered trade and a promenade, an important transport artery and a venue of sign Vienna events. On May 1, 2015 the capital of Austria will solemnly celebrate 150-year anniversary of the Ring. Festive events will pass during the whole anniversary year.


Ring road in Vienna

Ringshtrasse (Ringstra? e)