Cafe Zakher

Cafe Zakher

In cafe Zakher (Cafe Sacher)

Vienna is known for the coffee houses where in the afternoon or in the evening it is possible to come, order a cup of fragrant drink and to start to read newspapers. Though the promised comfort in such institutions not to find any more, in the middle of recognizable capital cafes there is one unique – "Zakher" (Cafe Sacher).
Only in it (well, and in Zakher cafe in Salzburg, Innsbruck and Graz) the unique cake "Zakher", perhaps, the dessert most recognised in the world prepares. Over its creation only 40 people here work. At all this every year is on sale more than 360 тыщ these confectionery across all Austria and the abroad.

How to reach Zakher cafe and when it to visit

The cafe is after the Vienna opera, in Zakher hotel, on Filkharmonikershtrasse Street (hotel, by the way, call one of leaders in the world). He is difficult be not to seeing: usually the queue of tourists here lasts directly on the street. Therefore to come to cafe better in the raneshny afternoon while guides have not brought new clients.

In the summer the terrace reveals, and there is more place for the guests, wishing to try a dish of the cafe most known and popular in Vienna.

Operating time: daily 08:00 – 00:00

Cake "Zakher" Cafe Zakher

Cake Zakher

The cake "Zakher" (Sachertorte) has been for the first time prepared in 1832 Frantsom Zakher, then still by the 16-year-old pupil of confectionery art. He had to create a dessert for the minister of foreign affairs of Austria Clemens Metternikh and his high-ranking guests as the chef working at court has fallen ill.

The guy has made a cake of a chocolate biscuit with a layer of apricot confiture and chocolate glaze, and has submitted to it unsweetened whipped cream. Guests have estimated a cake, but about it have forgotten, and its recipe was carefully stored in house walls Zakherov while Franz has not come back to Vienna and has not opened in 1848 the shop.

Franz Edward’s senior offspring has reminded of a cake. He studied in the Vienna sweet shop "Demel" which delivered products on an imperial table, and there has started to prepare a cake "Zakher", but according to the changed recipe. And in 1876 has opened with own wife Zakher hotel and prepared for guests that cake, as in "Demel".

Eventually the right to produce a cake according to Franz Zakher’s unique recipe was received specifically by Zakher hotel, and in "Demel" the confectionery changed by it which is called «a demelevsky cake "Zakher" at present moves. But some words still will be told about the Original-Sacher Torte trademark.

Zakher cafe menu Cafe Zakher

Cafe menu Zakher

No coffee house, the more Vienna, does do without some coffee. In "Zakhera" it submit around three 10-ov types.
If you love black coffee, order "Schwarzer", it without milk, either "Geshpritster" with rum or cognac. If, on the contrary, you do not refuse more saturated dairy taste, to you "Melange" and «Coffee on the contrary» should attract.
"Schwarzer" (black coffee) and "Browner" (brown coffee with milk) can move in a malekhanky or big cup on your choice. In cafe it is also possible to enjoy the firm coffee "filled" with the same firm Zakher liqueur.

Cafe Zakher

Elena with a pie Zakher

By all means try a real Vienna yablokovy strudel, in a compartment with coffee it perfectly cheers up! Or order cakes or rolls, them here in prosperity.

Cafe Zakher


The cake "Zakher" costs about 4 euros. It represents a small triangular slice which moves with whipped cream. The cake very sweet, and cream is not present. In Internet shop of hotel it is possible to order "Zakher" various size: 12, 16, 19 and 22 centimetres. In that case there is it will be from 20 euros.

Original Sacher-Torte trademark Cafe Zakher

Hotel Zakher

The Zakher hotel and sweet shop "Demel" had legal proceedings more than once for the right to a cake igotovleniye "Zakher".
When Anna Zakher was lost, and the hotel was ruined, her offspring Edward has sold the original recipe of a cake of a sweet shop "Demel". So, since 1934 the demelevsky cake was on sale with an inscription «Edward Zakher. Vienna».

Cafe Zakher

Cafe Zakher

In 1938 "Zakher’s" new management has registered the Original Sacher-Torte brand.
In 1954 "Zakher" has accused "Demel" that the sweet shop uses the registered title. After long disputes exclusively in 1963 it has been solved:
1. "Zakher" sells a cake under the title of Original Sacher-Torte and puts from above a round chocolate medal.
2. "Demel" does own option of a cake of Eduard Sacher-Torte with a triangular medal. At present the cake is known as Demel’s Sachertorte.
As a result, you can test a unique cake in Vienna only in Zakher cafe. Bon appetit!

Cafe Zakher

I at hotel Zakher

Cafe Zakher

Mirror foyer

Cafe Zakher

Nominal ware

Cafe Zakher

Well very tasty Zakher!

Cafe Zakher (Cafe Sacher)