Tobacco museum

Tobacco museum
Vienna – the capital of Austria. Ancient, provided with construction and cultural sights the European city of Vienna, is placed on the known Danube River and totals more than 2000 of the nice history originating from the old settlement of Celts. The Austrian capital often call the European city of museums.

Vienna totals in own collection more a hundred part of different museums of a various subject. Short of palace complexes, locks and usual galleries of arts, Vienna is rich with the fascinating and unusual malekhanky museums, drawing attention of tourists from a various doomsday. Vienna lives by a principle: «Museums various are important, museums various are necessary», here therefore clever and joyful Vienna is always glad to accept all the most unusual and marvellous, for what has received love and enthusiasm of hundreds tourists. In the middle of these marvellous museums it is possible to meet: museum of globes, tortures, hand bells, hours, crimes, chocolate, firemen, chimney sweeps, schnapps, sex and tobacco. About the last museum it would be desirable to tell on in more detail.

Tobacco museum

The Austrian museum of tobacco (Osterreichisches Tabakmuseum) begins the nice history since 1873. In the world there is an unlimited quantity of tobacco museums, but the Austrian museum deserves special attention, as the biggest and fascinating museum narrating history of tobacco and consumption of tobacco production, beginning the narration from the fifteenth century of last millennium. In its collection different adaptations for smoking, unique pipes, absolutely unprecedented cigars of various forms and are assembled the sizes, ancient lighters, original documents and newspapers on a tobacco subject and there is a lot of that else fascinating and entertaining. The special attention is deserved by the old man – you yet did not contemplate the automatic machine for realisation of tobacco and cigarettes, that "antiquity".

The sponsor and support of the Museum of tobacco in Vienna is the popular global company on production of tobacco production of "Austria Tabak". The tobacco museum is considered the cultural centre of it наикрупнейшго the Austrian tobacco concern. If to glance in the most part of guidebooks to Austria, our acquaintance – the Austrian museum of tobacco, is described there as a place for meetings of smokers, and as tolerant not smokers. As hunting to note that without considering the main exhibition in the Vienna museum of tobacco there is a hall where the different cultural events which have not been connected with a tobacco subject are held.

The tobacco museum in Austria is open once a day, without days off and holidays. From 10 to 17 o’clock on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; from 10 to 19 o’clock on Thursday, Saturday and revival. On solemn days the museum is open from 10 to 14 o’clock day.

The Austrian museum of tobacco (Osterreichisches Tabakmuseum – Art Cult Center Tabakmuseum)

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