Construction centre (Vienna)

Construction centre (Vienna)

Construction centre of Vienna (Architekturzentrum Wien)

Vienna is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world with rich history and a cultural heritage. The large quantity of ancient palaces, churches strike imagination with own architecture. Do not concede on own beauty and parks of Vienna which are her pride. Any of them is not similar at each other and has the certain mission. Not including that the capital of Austria has a large quantity of museums. The greatest museum complex has settled down «museum quarter» on the area of 60 thousand quarter on the very brink of old Vienna on a place of starenky stables. Some museums one of which is the Construction centre of Vienna (Architekturzentrum Wien) come into its structure.

The construction centre of Vienna has been based in 1993. Its initial appointment was not beyond a usual museum of architecture. Now the Construction centre represents a traditional museum. Its main problems are collecting, storage and production of values connected with architecture history.

Construction centre (Vienna)

The construction centre of Vienna comprises: archive, merits of the Austrian architects, the different collections directed on a certain subject, public library. The library is specifically that place where information on architecture which is available to each user testing enthusiasm in this area gathers. Not including that, information collected in libraries quite often represents enthusiasm for researches.

The construction centre of Vienna represents the contacts and the interface for certain and network инфы. The museum conducts saturated work on preservation of construction history of own country, co-operates with the similar organisations of the world.

The construction centre has the highest degree of competence of an assessment of monuments of architecture that gives the chance to receive reliable and ischerpayushchy information on the Austrian architecture.

The quantity of inquiries connected with acquisition everything new collections from the population always grows that gives the chance to the Construction centre of Vienna to expand an available database, to hold new presentations of collections and meetings. For today a main objective of a museum is collecting a full collection of the Austrian architecture of 20-21 centuries.

Not including embodiments of museum activity the Construction centre participates in actions devoted to the Vienna festival.

Construction centre (Vienna)

Construction centre Vienna (Architekturzentrum Wien)

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