Austrian gallery Belvedere

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Austrian Belvedere gallery

 Belvedere gallery

The Austrian gallery the Belvedere (Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere) in the scales and the contents impresses admirers of magnificent arts. It shakes even the people who were earlier considering as flegmantichny to a sculpture and painting.

This museum has opened in 1903, under the title «Modern gallery». Painters from Setsession’s association have decided to present to wreaths the world of the modern art. Picturesque and sculptural works XIX then have been transferred in gift – the beginnings of the XX century to gallery.

Now in 2 palaces of the Belvedere complex outstanding works of the Austrian painters, known cloths of the French impressionists, works in style of a bidermeyer and a historicism, creation of architects of the XIX-XX centuries are presented.

Top palace Austrian gallery Belvedere

View of the Top Belvedere from park

The main exposition is in the Top palace. Here it is possible to behold Franz Xavier Messershmidta’s statues (his fine "heads" with the spiritualised mimicry).

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Franz Xavier Messershmidta’s work

On the second floor Gauermann, von Shvinda, Shtiftera, von Alta’s romantic and city landscapes are exposed; portraits of work of von Amerlinga; works in style of a bidermeyer and a historicism.

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Egon Schiele. Family. 1918.

On the 3rd – an exposition of masters of the XX century: Klimt, Pricker, Kokoschka.

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Gustav Klimt, Fritza Riedler, 1906

Gustav Klimt’s works – gallery "kernel", the main pride of a museum. Here its cult cloth "Kiss" belonging to the "gold" period of the master (in Klimt’s almost all compositions true mosaic gold is applied) is presented. Guests can behold and other known cloths of the "solar" artist: «Adam and Eve», "Yudif", «Gold Adele».

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Hans Makart of "5 emotions"

In the Top Belvedere Egon Schiele’s pictures are exposed. Among them – late cloths "Embrace" and "Family". It is much presented Hans Makart’s works, namely – a charming allegorical cycle «Five feelings».

The price of tickets in the Top Belvedere: for adult €12.50 students of €10, – kids (till 18 years) it is gratuitous

In more detail about the Top palace look here.

Bottom palace Austrian gallery Belvedere

Bottom Belvedere

The bottom Belvedere is rather modest outside and fine снутри. Palace interiors (the most picturesque – in the Gold office) have fantastically remained. The hall in a ground floor of a palace is painted with Martino Altomonte’s mythological frescos.

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Gold office

In Nizhny a palace pass the temporary exhibitions directed on certain subject of an exposition; in it baroque works, Middle Ages objects of art are presented.

The price of tickets to Nizhny the Belvedere: for adult €11, – students of €8.50 kids (till 18 years) it is gratuitous

In more detail about Nizhny a palace look here.

Palace park Austrian gallery Belvedere

Palace park

Palaces stand on a hillock slope, opposite the friend to the friend. Between them the constant French park with fountains, well-groomed beds, sculptures and terraces was stretched. The garden is planned in serious symmetry and emphasises luxury of both palaces. The landscape complex in particular is fine in the spring when blossoming plants play modulations of paints.

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Cascade fountain

The central sculptural composition of park – the cascade fountain topped with figures of titans, nereids and tritons. In plastic registration of the top cascade sphinxes – the ladies’ figures symbolising the power and wisdom are allocated.

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Bottom fountain

The bottom cascade is surrounded with sculptures of eight muses and pastoral scenes.

In the central part of park повдоль ladders cost fine vases, images of cherubs, the figures designating twelve months of year.

Austrian gallery Belvedere

In the Belvedere park

How to reach the palace Belvedere complex?

  • To the Top Belvedere it is possible to reach:
    by tram of D Schloss Belvedere to a stop or 18 and O to Quartier Belvedere stop;
    by bus 69А to Quartier Belvedere stop;
    the U1 underground to Sudtiroler Platz-Hauptbahnhof station;
    by country train to Quartier Belvedere station.
  • To Nizhny the Belvedere, Greenhouses, the Smart Stable to go
    by tram 71 to Unteres Belvedere stop.

Operating time:

  • to visit gardens of the Belvedere it is possible all the year round, during the light day;
  • Top Belvedere: once a day 10:00-18:00;
  • Bottom Belvedere and greenhouse: once a day 10:00 – 18:00, the environment 10:00 – 21:00;
  • Stable front door: once a day 10:00 – 18:00, the environment 10:00 – 21:00

Price 4er Kombi-Ticket:

(Top Belvedere, Nizhny Belvedere (greenhouse, Winter palace and 21 houses). The ticket is valid within 30 days from the first visit.

for adult €30 students of €25.50 kids (till 18 years) it is gratuitous

Burning information on an operating mode and the prices for tickets look on the official website of the palace.

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To get tickets in the Belvedere

Austrian gallery Belvedere

Palace and park Belvedere complex

Austrian gallery Belvedere (Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere)