’Stern’ magazine and Schwabisch-Hall insurance company set up a competition with the theme ‘living in the city’, Looking for innovative residential buildings. Out of the resulting first prize, 42 terraced atrium houses have been built so far The clustered, residential units are orientated exclusively towards the south and southwest They are set around a communal square facing nearby Assmann canal


This atelier house, an artist’s home, is located on a hillside plot on the Elbberg. The ground floor is built into the slope and intended as an area that accommodates all live and work spaces, including a large studio with natural light Two rectangular structures, divided by a staircase, with living and studio accommodation form the lower part of the building, і he entire ground floor is covered in bright sandstone, and the bedrooms and private rooms are located in the cantilevered upper floor, clad in scale­like sheet metal


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Updated: 24th November 2014 — 12:57 pm