In the redevelopment process of the Cultural Centre Koningshof a new library, serving as a striking corner building, was built first on the site ol the former library Once completed, the rest of the cultural centre was renovated


The project attempts to escape the strict urban regulations by emphasizing a front and reverse scheme exterior flat facades that strictly adapt to street alignments and creased inner walls that define the organic geometry of the courtyard

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The Three-storey building is located on the edge of a warehouse area from the 50’s But with this position it is facing a large new housing development for which it will be a major public service A small channel and some other infrastructure separate one from the other

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LAB is a project developed especially for the n«v. activity area in the sculpture garden designed by West 8 for the Kroller Muller Museum of Otleito Gruppo A 12 has designed a temporary pavilion ly the exhibition, which also functions as a wotkol an.

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