Diversity characterizes Rutger Spoelstra’s architecture. For him, every house or building has its own unique parameters requiring individual solutions. In this case, a small plot and clients with a taste for rectangular forms led to a compact and rational shape.

The building site is located at Heerlen’s former police headquarter next to the fire station. A competition was organized to build luxury apartments mixed with offices at this main road into the city.

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A building that is a landmark as well as an inspiring workplace has been designed for an ambitious industrial design firm Located near rhe Tram station and the local football stadium, the high tower reacts to these large buildings Inside, open and light spaces tor small, flexible design teams have been created.


In 2003 a bus station was built on the forecourt of Hoolddorp’s Spaarne Hospital The design of this kind of building is generally neutral, but here the aim was to create a strong, individual image


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