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Austrian gallery Belvedere

Austrian Belvedere gallery Belvedere gallery The Austrian gallery the Belvedere (Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere) in the scales and the contents impresses admirers of magnificent arts. It shakes even the people who were earlier considering as flegmantichnyRead More

Siegmund Freuds museum in Vienna

Siegmund Freuds (Sigmund-Freud-Museum) museum Siegmund Freuds (Sigmund-Freud-Museum) museum is in Vienna on Bergasse Street, in the house at number 19. In it the rich exposition which gives the chance to get acquainted with life and psychotherapeutic practiceRead More

Vienna museum of the Papyrus

Museum of the Papyrus (Papyrussammlung) The Vienna collection of the museum of the Papyrus (Papyrussammlung) is considered the largest in world papyrology. It contains 180 тыщ the objects illustrating Ancient Egyptian history for three millennia. Two hundred objectsRead More