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Karlsplats Square. History of Vienna: from the temple – to the market.

City square Karlsplats (Karlsplatz) - basic transport knot of the capital of Austria. It is called in honour of church Karlskirkh that is in a southeast part. After modernisation in the 1890th years, the bed of the river Vienna has been changed, the area has caughtRead More

Excursion trip across evening Vienna

Excursion trip across evening Vienna As sun beams start to die away, the mystery and romanticism veil falls by the earth. Than not time for excursion, in particular across fine and romantic Vienna?! On evening fires though what city reveals on the other hand,Read More

Kolmarkt Street

(Kohlmarkt) Kolmarkt Street The title of Kolmarkt Street (Kohlmarkt) in a literal translation means «the coal market». The title not casual as here once truly did business coal. Кольмаркт shows one of the oldest streets of Vienna. As well as on the Graben, onRead More