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Frayung Square in Vienna

(Freyung) Frayung Square (Freyung) Frayung Square before the Scottish monastery (Schottenstift) is surrounded with magnificent palaces of the XVII-XVIII centuries: Kinskys (Palais Kinsky) baroque palace from North side is constructed Loukas vonRead More

Plague column in Vienna

Plague column (Wiener Pestsaule), Rudolf Pollak photo Terrible pandemics of plague from the Middle Ages destroyed the population of the cities of Europe. The medicine did not know effective methods of fight against the porukhy. Absence of usual water and sewerRead More


Building of parliament (Parlamentsgebaude) Shaking zdaniyeavstriysky parliament (Parlamentsgebaude) causes associations with temples of Old Greece. The traditional drevny architecture has been chosen for a parliamentary palace not as a case – specifically GreeceRead More