Portrait or landscape?

Once the paper size has been determined, the orientation of the sheets needs to be decided upon. Landscape format describes a horizontal orientation, portrait format describes a vertical one. This terminology finds its origins in the fine arts; landscape paintings (as the name suggests) often depicted landscape scenes and the horizon, whereas the tradition of […]

Paper size

Many architectural drawings are created in CAD software programmes that can produce images at any format and size. The decision of what size to render these images at will be determined to their printed format, which is in turn governed by where and how the work will be presented. Layout Larger formats (such as A0, […]

Greater possibilities

As well as allowing impressive visuals, CAD software has afforded a new type of architecture. Complex forms, which were not previously possible, can now be modelled in CAD programmes and their form, structure and materials tested. CAD technology is critical for these sort of architectural forms; quite simply, physical models cannot fully explore such ideas […]