Fuchs House

Location: Latigen, Vorarlberg, Austria Year of construction: 2002 Architect: Herman Kaufmann Photography: Ignacio Martinez

With its exceptional location and vegetation, this piece of land was once the site of a smali country home in an advanced state of disrepair. The property was bought with the intention of demolishing the old building and erecting a new one that would make the most of the location. While the plan is fairly extensive and the built – on area is much larger than it was before, the project strove to have minimal impact on the environment and to find an architectural language that respected the setting.

The two-story structure has a rectangular unit that is closed on one side and is supported by a second lower unit, which is very light and transparent...

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Casa Palmira

Location: Cuernavaca, Mexico

Year of construction: 1994

Architect: Alberto Kalacb

Photography: Marta/rene Alcantara, Pep Avila

Designed to be surrounded by gardens, this house stands alongside a gully in Palmira, Cuernavaca, Mexico. As it takes years for a garden to develop, the property effectively lies unfinished, like a forgotten seed.

The house is a pavilion surrounded by green spaces. For primarily functional reasons it was designed as a compact structure but it still fills the site.

Each part of the property has its own yard and the structure as a whole is contained within four long walls and two concrete towers...

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Country House in the “Cerros de la Santa”

Location: Belt’is de Monroy, Cdceres, Spain Year of construction: 1998 Architects: Estudio de Arquitectura Picddo-De Blas-Delgado Photography: Eugeni Puns

This country-style property is located on a plot in the outskirts of the town and was constructed on a minimum budget based on square footage. From the outset the aim was to make the most of the exceptional views over the Vera Valley and the main window is therefore west-facing, looking out toward the sun setting behind the medieval castle on a hilltop less than a mile away. Having studied the given parameters – climate, location, and client requirements – a two-part scheme was proposed...

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Heschl House

Location: Agarane, Switzerland Year of construction: 1987 Architect: Luigi Snozzi Photography: Francesc Tur

Heschl House is built on densely wooded hillside in the Magadino meadowland, which is gaining popularity as a site for second homes.

As a result of local regulations, the owners were obliged to build their property on an uneven area of ground. Heschl House is designed with a square ground plan and has a four-sided roof giving it a certain similarity with the architectural style of the other houses in the valley, all of which date from the 19th century. The arbor – a feature typical of Snozzi’s work – affords excellent views over the entire wood and a panoramic view of Lake Lugano.

Although the building, designed as a house inside a house, adopts many of the features of t...

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House on Lake Marion

Location: Massachusetts,. United States Year of construction: 1987 Architect: Peter Forbes Photography: Tim Hursley

The inspiration for this single-family property came from the owners’ passion for boats and sailing. Taking this as his guiding principle, American architect Peter Forbes designed a building that would resemble an observation tower, facing out over a large, picturesque lake that disappears into the distance.

1 M

The house is splendidly located on top of a hill in an area of woodland with very tall pine trees that are hardy enough to withstand the harsh climate. It stands high above beautiful Lake Marion, in the state of Massachusetts.

The building is on four separate levels, and although the foundations stand on a rectangular base, the upper floors are sligh...

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