Ravenwood House

Location: North Woods. Minnesota. United States Year of construction: 1998 Architect: David Salmela Associates: Carrol & Franck, Hurst & Heinrichs, Coen & Stumpf Photography: Peter Kerze Jim Brandenburg discovered this secluded spot in 1979 on an assignment for National Geographic to photograph a waterfall close to where Ravenwood now stands. This site lies within the […]

Into House

Location: Espoo, Finland Year of construction: 1998 Architect: Jyrki Tasa Photography: Jussi Tianeti & Jyrki Tasa This design by Jyrki Tasa combines a poetic exercise with a rational development. The most advanced precision techniques have been applied to transform the symbolic forms of this modern, sensual, and imaginative structure into reality. Standing on a tall […]

YG House

Location: Katta-gmi, Japan Year of construction: 1997 Architect: Atelier Hitoshi Abe Photography: Syunichi Atsumi Hitoshi Abe, the visible head of Atelier Hitoshi Abe, belongs to a later generation of architects. Born in 1962, he is a contemporary of Shigeru Ban and Kazuyo Sejima. For four years he worked for the Coop Himmelblau before founding the […]

Rosebery House

Location: Brisbane, Australia Year of construction: 1997 Architects: Brit Andresen & Peter O’Gorman Associates ‘.John Batterbam, Lon Murphy Photography: John Linkins, Brit Andresen The Brisbane gorges are magical, mysterious places: deep, leafy remnants of the original landscape now reduced by mankind’s efforts to adapt the land for building. Wild and densely wooded, the plot where […]